TTTT53: XAH – Parastable Matrixat [c40]

XAH – harsh noise from Donetsk


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Département Bouches des l’Elbe presents:

Good news everyone! Paolo Tecon from Clermont-Ferrand will join in.
Unfortunately Terrine has cancelled the tour.
She will be replaced by Autoknack. Still french, still classy.
Bonne Humeur Provisoire – keyboard torturing – Département Nord + Lot
The Pish Dolls – master of puppets – l’Angleterre
Gruppe Tote Krätze – noise rock – Hambourg
Jeudi, Mai 19 21H
MS Stubnitz



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Diy church 310

Radioshow with tim tim aka java delle from hamburg where he presents tim tim tonträger – his tape & vinyl label. Financed from social money and hard touring. Meanwhile some calls in & ShluchT presents some other tape to challenge his guest.


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who needs variations when you got a loop station, right?

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a nice nasa dude review

Nasa Dude – Tree Trunk on Urban Kill

So you’ve got your lo-fi where authentic or intentional ineptness spasms around within some loose song structure. Then you’ve got your lo-fi where fairly intelligent, adequate musicians lazily blanket songs with distortion, to aid them in giving off the impression that they’re genuinely stupid – primarily for their fan base, who would accept nothing less. Then there’s your lo-fi with some sense of dynamics, where every element of a song is carefully considered, and attention is paid to what effect recording techniques are having on these elements. The artist is mindful of how all the parts coalesce. It’s a craft that involves know-how and finesse.

Three VERY different, UNRELATED approaches to making music.

The first is about chaos and an antisocial attitude towards music, which has its value. The second is about Twitter followers and inking a sponsorship deal with companies that sell neon beanbag chairs. The third is is essentially just rock ‘n’ roll, with production choices that tend to mirror the non-careerist, budget rocker frame of mind.

Carl Christian Tofte (aka Nasa Dude) is of the third tradition. He’s been a small fixture in underground Denmark music since the mid-90s, although his biggest claim to fame was a cameo on an 18th Dye record in the mid-90s. Right around that time he released his first EP as Nasa Dude. In the intervening 20 years he’s been super low-profile, quietly and sporadically lending his services to a small number of bands – No God, Piss Guitars, and the frustratingly elusive Obstinate Esther (someone please hook me up). Now, for just the third time in 20 years, Tofte will release an album under the Nasa Dude moniker. However quiet he’s remained, two decades of experience has lent itself to exploiting and maximizing what little there was to work with while recording this new album. The end result are lo-fi songs that, while well-written, couldn’t conceivably have as much impact with a cleaner treatment. The neon beanbag brigades could dump a bag of money in front of Ric Ocasek and the difference down the line would be minimal, at least in terms of feeling and energy. But as far as Nasa Dude and others like him are concerned, production quality and genuine character go hand in hand.

His new album, “Nasa Dude På Bornholm”, is out on cassette from Hamburg’s TimTimTonTräger label. Contact them to grab a copy: tititotr at gmail dot com

Stream it here:

RIYL: Mordecai, Columbus, etc. One of my favorite full-lengths so far this year.

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out soon: Nasa Dude På Bornholm

nasa dude complete

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